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Gender equality at school: support education as a tool for change!

Civil society and human rights organisations call on Members of the European Parliament to support the report on “Empowering girls through education in the EU” in the plenary vote on 8 September.
This report proposes actions to ensure that all national education systems promote gender equality, …

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The 2014 National Equality and Diversity Awards Handed out

On April 28th, 2015, the National Equality and Diversity Forum (NEDF) and the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania organized the 2014 National Equality and Diversity Awards, which honoured the most notable individuals, organizations and initiatives in the field of equality and …

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Forum on future of gender equality

Projections estimate that, at the current rate of change, it will take almost 30 years to reach the EU’s target of 75% of women in employment, over 70 years to make equal pay a reality, over 20 years to achieve gender balance on the boards …

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