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NEDF Invites to Seminar-Discussion “Human Rights in Lithuania. NGOs’ Perspective”

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, the members of the National Equality and Diversity Forum (NEDF) cordially invite to the seminar-discussion “Human Rights in Lithuania. NGOs’ Perspective”, which will take place on December 9th, 2015 at 2:00-4:30 PM at the premises of …

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Do not offend Lithuanians with your happiness

Rescuing the drowning is the responsibility of the drowning themselves; there is no place for gays, lesbians, transsexuals and other similar people in Lithuanian society. Such were the dominant views expressed after the District Court of Klaipėda reached an official decision regarding the photo of …

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Day of Pink aims to end bullying and discrimination

It’s a day to celebrate diversity and show support for those being bullied. April 8 is the Day of Pink, when people around the world are encouraged to wear pink to draw attention to bullying and discrimination, particularly against LGBTQ people.
The day was started in Nova Scotia, when …

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