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NEDF cooperation project of effectiveness development

This project is intended to enlarge NEDF, which includes LGL association, operational efficiency and strengthen the capacity while preparing NEDF’s 2015 – 2016 m. strategy and action plan, which will include such objectives and activities as: actively expressing the needs of discriminated groups and representing them; assisting for discrimination victims while seeking for justice; spreading the ideas of equality and diversity in the society and including it in a political agenda; pursuing to consolidate the standards of non-discriminated behavior, based on equality in politics, other areas of public life and society; government institutions, prompting private companies and calling to take action against discrimination; observing the cases of discrimination, documentation and publicizing. The trainings, organized throughout the project will also improve NGOs’, taking part in NEDF activity, abilities and cooperation skills as well as experience, publicizing activity will be aimed to inform about NEDF’s activities to policy makers, other target groups and the general public.


The main aim of this project is to consolidate the abilities of the National Equality and Diversity Forum in Lithuania with the effectiveness of non-governmental institutions, representing the rights of socially vulnerable groups and cooperation to spread tolerance, to develop respect for the human rights, to reduce the manifestations of discrimination, to raise the level of perceiving the level of discrimination problem in the society and work in the field of ensuring equal opportunities.


  • To consolidate NEDF’s, as informal NGO coalition, integrity, operational efficiency, abilities and potential of awareness in society.
  • To consolidate the abilities of the organizations, participating in the Forum’s activities, to take part in the process of shaping politics and making decisions while actively representing general NEDF’s aims and priorities.

Target groups:

The primary target group of the project is non-governmental organizations, participating in NEDF’s activities. In the context of some project activities, target project groups also include representatives of civil society (i.e. organizing NEDF conference) and the general public (i.e. promotion and presentation of NEDF’s activities). Indirect beneficiaries are social groups, identified in the context of NEDF represented organizations’ (increased abilities of Forum partners and sustainable NGO coalition) and the general Lithuanian public (social cohesion, equality, diversity and dissemination of pluralism ideas).

Project sponsor:

full_logo_enMinistry of Social Security and Labour