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Diversity LT

progressThe National Equality and Diversity Forum (NEDF) established in 2010 and supported in the framework of Lithuanian projects funded by PROGRESS programme remains a reliable network that brings together NGOs representing different grounds of discrimination. The NEDF functions as a platform for its members to develop their knowledge and skills in advocating for the rights of vulnerable groups. The NEDF also represents a valuable resource of information and knowledge necessary to assess, enhance and develop policies in the non-discrimination field. The NEDF positions itself as a key strategic partner of public authorities in the consultation process of policy making.

The awareness raising campaign in different regions that was envisaged in the project “Diversity LT” introduced the NEDF, its mission, the member organizations and their competence to regional actors. The following description presents the project activities.

Diversity management and awareness raising

Diversity Days 2013

1-day events in the different regions of Lithuania provided information on different grounds of discrimination (gender, race, age, sexual orientation, disability and etc.), raised awareness on non-discrimination, equal opportunities and rights, and introduced the National Equality and Diversity Forum (NEDF).

Diversity Awards

One actor (NGO, trade union, employer or educational institution) who has made a significant contribution to equality and diversity from 10 different regions in Lithuania was granted a Diversity Award.

Campaigns on Different Grounds

The campaign aimed to raise awareness on non-discrimination and increase understanding of its importance, influence and consequences. It also strived to generate debate on the themes of diversity.


Employing Roma Teacher Assistants

Roma school mediators in two Vilnius secondary schools.

Development of social skills of Roma children

A training programme for volunteers was developed and conducted with the team of volunteers working with Roma children. Practical activities were organized to establish a relationship with children, their parents, the school, and provide them with psychological, social and organisational knowledge.

Multiple discrimination

Training on Multiple Discrimination for Experts and Representatives of NGOs

The seminar encouraged discussion, efforts and cooperation in the Lithuanian NGO sector to include multiple identities and tackle discrimination on the grounds of multiple identities.


Studies in the Field of Equal Opportunities

Surveys were undertaken regarding intersectionality of multiple discrimination in various fields of public life. The surveys collected exhaustive and comparable information.

Non-discrimination mainstreaming

Equality Summit 2013

The National Equality and Diversity Forum (NEDF) organised workshops on the topic of cooperation between public organisations and state institutions while designing and monitoring anti-discrimination policy measures.


The website of the NEDF was designed as an information bank to raise public awareness and to improve people’s understanding of equality, diversity and human rights. A reconstruction and reinforcement of the website as a functional communication tool has been carried out to enhance the exchange of information between relevant NGOs as well as being a source of most recent and updated information on equality and non-discrimination issues for all interested actors.

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Period: 2013-2014 (12 months)