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Women’s Issues Information Centre

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It was established in April 1996, after the completion of activities by the Secretariat of the Lithuanian Preparatory Committee for the UN Fourth World Conference on Women.

The Centre assists in implementing the Action Plan of Advancement of Women of Lithuania. The WIIC is a registered non-governmental organisation and is supported by the United Nations Development Programme in Lithuania (project No. LIT/96/002).

The need for WIIC arose out of responses that there was no single organisation to act as an umbrella organisation to collate and represent women’s issues in a coordinated and sustained manner. The Centre works in partnership with other women’s NGOs, government sector and international agencies to develop a gender perspective on all aspects of women’s lives and ensure that women’s perspective is represented in developmental programmes, as well as in the policies and legislative social and welfare reforms.

Goals of the Women`s Issues Information Centre:

• Seek equal rights and opportunities for women and men in Lithuania
• Improve women’s position in social and private lives
• Develop gender equality environment

Main streamlines of WIIC activities:

• Gender mainstreaming
• Violence against women
• Trafficking in women
• Gender budgeting initiatives
• Women & ICT


Women’s Issues Information Centre
S.Konarskio str. 49, LT-03123 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: (8-5) 262 90 03
Faks. (8-5) 262 90 50
E-mail:  mic@lygus.lt